Hoffmann & Baron LLP Managing Partner Recent Guest On The IP Fridays Podcast

Daniel A. Scola, Jr., Managing Partner, Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, was a recent guest on the IP Fridays Podcast.

In conversation with Host Kenneth Suzan, Scola discussed the importance of protecting your intellectual property (IP), and how the role of IP has changed in this internet era.

In the new wave technology, Scola explains, “If you have a trademark, the identification of the source of your product…is greater than it has ever been. It can create extremely powerful brand recognition specifically in the rise of internet usage and going viral.”

Scola goes on to explain the concern for theft and misuse among trademarks and IP increasing within digital spaces. He advises companies to set up a “budget for policing…to make sure others use your marks well and properly.” Your trademark is among the most valuable asset your company has. He validates the importance of brand recognition with trademarks along with stories from his past

To listen to the podcast, please click here: https://bit.ly/3jhFygE