Hoffmann & Baron LLP Managing Partner Guest On Business RadioX

Daniel A. Scola, Jr., Managing Partner, Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, was a recent guest on Business RadioX. 

In a wide-ranging conversation with Host Lee Kantor, Scola discussed the importance of protecting your intellectual property (IP), the different types of IP you could protect as a business owner, and the liabilities you could be exposed to if you do not protect your IP.

According to Scola, “We do a lot of work for large companies, universities, small companies, and startups. I love startups because when investors are looking to put money into new entities that’s where I feel I can be particularly creative and add value.”

Scola continues, “I have a lot of experience judging when something is going to be too close for comfort and that you need to make a change, so you don’t get into a situation which is uncomfortable, maybe a litigation or maybe someone saying the product isn’t differential enough.”

The firm works with a variety of companies; entrepreneurial to global. For Scola, it’s about the small businesses and startup companies. “I can tell you many examples where startup companies have come to me and to my firm and we’ve worked with them to develop an IP portfolio. The experience is very different compared to larger businesses with more developed strategies.”

To listen to the podcast, please click here: https://bit.ly/3R0WR2a


Daniel A. Scola, Jr. is the managing partner of Hoffmann & Baron, LLP,  and also manages the chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemical and medical device practice group in the New Jersey office. He has extensive experience in polymers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He specializes in building IP portfolios and designing strategies to protect and enhance company value. Previously, he was Counsel, patents, and trademarks as well as Assistant Corporate Secretary at The Warner-Lambert Co. and Intellectual Property Attorney at Loctite Corporation.

Prior to earning his law degree, Scola was an adhesive and composite-materials engineer at the Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies.