Hoffmann & Baron LLP Managing Partner Featured In Legal Management Magazine

Parsippany, NJ – Daniel Scola, Jr., Managing Partner, Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, was recently quoted in Legal Management, The Magazine of ALA’s article titled, “Defining Your Staff’s Path for Development” where he discussed his career trajectory as well as his current experience at Hoffmann & Baron. He offered tips and personal anecdotes on his rise to Managing Partner.


According to Scola, “I saw taking on others’ responsibilities when someone left or was fired as a chance to learn and climb up in the organization. My experience at that stage was largely in the patent field, so when the trademark director retired, my willingness to do two jobs gave me positive exposure.”


Experience is very highly looked upon in the field as it can make or break the future of the company and the quality of the work. Further, Scola stated, “I learned from interaction with both upper levels and lower levels on the legal team that in addition to content, the presentation format and style, timing and your outlook — positivity and enthusiasm — were major contributors to leadership.”


To read the article in its entirety, please click here: https://bit.ly/3griElF



Daniel A. Scola, Jr. is the managing partner of Hoffmann & Baron, LLP, and also manages the chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemical and medical device practice group in the New Jersey office. He has extensive experience in polymers, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. He specializes in building IP portfolios and designing strategies to protect and enhance company value. Previously, he was Counsel, patents, and trademarks as well as Assistant Corporate Secretary at The Warner-Lambert Co. and Intellectual Property Attorney at Loctite Corporation.


Prior to earning his law degree, Scola was an adhesive and composite-materials engineer at the Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies.